Team Volleyball Rules 2019


Team and Player Requirements

6v6 team sand volleyball. All players must be at least 16 years of age prior to participating. Rosters must include no fewer than 6 players but may have as many as 12 players per team. Each team may have 6 players on the court at one time (2 females minimum as a time).

If a team does not have the minimum number of players 15 minutes after the designated start time, the entire match will be forfeited.

Game Rules

  • Games go to 15 points

  • The server MUST call out scores LOUDLY before each serve

  • Any position can spike and block

  • You can block and then make a legal hit in a row

  • Any contact with the net is the loss of a point

  • Minimal net contact or carries is allowed. However blatant net contact or carries should be called

  • All decisions made by referees are final

  • Teams are allowed an unlimited number of substitutions per match

  • Team members must rotate on the court and remain in that position until the serve has been contacted

  • The player in the back right hand corner of the rotation will be designated to serve and continue to rotate clockwise

  • Any player may block or spike at the net, regardless of rotation

  • Serving: Overhand and underhand serves are allowed. Jump serves are not allowed. If the ball is served into the net, and it goes over, it is considered a legal serve. The serve can be returned with a pass or a set. The serve cannot be blocked or attacked at any time. The serve can be made from anywhere behind the end line and within the sideline.

  • Ball Contact: A maximum of three consecutive contacts per side after a serve or block attempt are allowed to return the ball.
    A block attempt is considered a contact. No player may hit the ball twice in succession.
    No part of the body may touch the net at anytime, unless a ball or person driven into the net causes the contact. Player contact with the net in a manner not directly relating to or affecting the course of play is not a violation. When executing a block or spike, a player may follow through over the net, as long as the individual doe not interfere with players on the other side of the net.